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ISO45001: 1 Option - Option 1

Just a gentle reminder for any of our clients (or anyone else) who is still registered to OHSAS 18001. Due to the introduction of the enhanced requirements of ISO45001, if you wish to maintain your Health & Safety certification, you need to migrate to this standard.

As the deadline is fast approaching, the certification bodies are no longer renewing or starting new OHSAS 18001 certificates. This means that if you were planning to migrate through your certification cycle, you may have left it a little late...

For instance, BSI presented Option 1. This was to have an additional migration assessment outside of your regular CAV cycle or, Option 2, which was to migrate through your CAV cycle.

If you only have annual CAVs you will now have to choose "Option 1" and have the additional migration assessment, as your certificate will not be able to be renewed to OHSAS 18001 at your next CAV. Don't panic though. The chances are that, if you have developed your system in partnership with THC, you will already have the core aspects of ISO 45001 ready to work with. In fact, we have already helped several of our clients to manage their migration.

In terms of the changes, the approach to risk management, communication and consultation is largely built in to any systems we have helped to develop in line with ISO9001-2015 or ISO14001-2015. So, it shouldn't be too complicated to remain complaint with these updates. There will be some tweaking required however and time is running out to get it done. So, if you are planning to maintain your Health & Safety management system, it's about time to get in touch and discuss what we can do to help. Either call or email you consultant and we will happy to discuss the options with you and your certification body.

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