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Our Top 5 Tips For Remote Auditing

2020 has seen a huge uptake in remote auditing solutions. We want to help all of our clients get the most out of their audits so, here are our top 5 tips to #MakeRemoteWork for you...

Tip 1: PPPPP - Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance If you have a remote audit coming up, get in touch with the people involved. Find out roughly what they would like to look at, so you have time to scan documents & prepare evidence to show them on the day

Tip 2: Know Your Teams (or Webex) The bulk of remote audits take place through systems like Microsoft Teams & Webex. These tools have been around for years but, they have become a daily part of the business landscape. It's worth spending a little time getting know these systems

Tip 3: Stay in 'Site' If you do a lot of site work (construction, surveys etc.) it never hurts to have a few images or videos of your team working, ready to show to your auditors. You can even use Teams (or even WhatsApp/ FaceTime) to be able to do virtual site tours on the day

Tip 4: Doing Well Includes Wellbeing It's so easy to fall into bad habits when working from home or remotely. Don't forget to take comfort breaks as you would normally. We remind all clients that if they need to grab a drink, use the loo or even get the door, it's absolutely fine

Tip 5: Honestly, Nothing's Changed Seriously, there are very few changes in how audits are being conducted. The only real difference is where you're sat. So be prepared as usual, make sure you know your systems, have people on hand if you need them and take breaks if you need to!

Don't Forget, THC have been pushing for remote auditing for years already. We establish systems for our clients that lend to ease of remote auditing & help reduce your prep time for events like this. It's a #NewNormal but we are already having huge success with it. You Can Do It!

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